Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WFDF Kickstarter for WUGC 2016

HuckStarter? PullStarter?? The World Flying Disc Federation has initiated an ambitious crowdfunding project around the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships.

WFDF seeks $75,000 to:

  • 20+ free worldwide streaming games of ultimate (also available on free VOD).
  • 10+ mini-documentaries to be shared for free online.
  • Broadcast of a two-hour feature program on a US sports network.
  • Production of an event documentary (to be released in 2017)

Support the WFDF project.

NOTE: This project will only be funded if at least $75,000 is pledged by Mar 24, 2016.

More from the Kickstarter page:

The Olympics is big business, and we need to demonstrate that ultimate works on television and can attract commercial support.
We've talked to sponsors and the big brands won't touch a sport that doesn't have the viewership data to back it up. They told us, you show us the numbers and we'll show you the support.
Similarly, ultimate is on the cusp of mainstream attention. Imagine if ultimate competitions were a regular occurrence on television --- if all you needed to do to watch a college tournament or a national championship was to flip on your TV. By showing potential broadcasters what our sport looks like at a world-class level of production, coupled with viewership numbers to support it, we can make this a reality.
The WFDF World Ultimate & Guts Championships in London this June is an opportunity for the ultimate community to unite and show the world that our sport is worthy of regular airtime and serious sponsorship. Help us build this essential marketing tool and to set a benchmark for our sport. By supporting production of a world-class broadcast of games in London, we'll be able to take the challenges head-on and elevate ultimate to the next level.

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