Friday, February 12, 2016

Roster Review: U.S. National Teams for WUGC 2016

Players from around the U.S. were selected to represent the U.S. at WFDF's World Ultimate and Guts Championships this summer. The majority of headshots used in the roster announcements are ordinary, though some photos stand out from the rest. Let's review.

The Men's U.S. National Team are mostly smiles, except for Trent Dillon, Beau Kittredge, Henry Konker, and Joe Sefton.  Of note, one player (Tyler DeGirolamo) is wearing a head covering and another (Nick Stuart) is wearing a headband. Jimmy Mickle's skeptical look is as if he's never seen a camera before.

The Mixed U.S. National Team is a smiley squad, except for Jack McShane. Jack must be lactose intolerant if that's his smile after the photographer asked Jack say "cheese." Of note, Sarah Itoh is (as usual) is wearing a baseball hat, while a baseball hat, very surprisingly, is not attached to Brett Matzuka's noggin. Also, GUM headbands are also worn by two players.

The Women's U.S. National Team is a happy bunch! Nearly one-third of the roster is sporting a headband, including a yellow Seattle Riot headband by Rorhe Titcomb.

[Roster images via USAU]

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