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Do Over: Ultimate in 2016

The 2016 calendar year was a busy 12 months! Here are some memorable moments:       [in no particular order]

Greatest Trick Play Not Designed as a Trick Play: Philadelphia Spinners
First weekend of the 2016 MLU season (April 11) and the highlight of the year occurred. Lots of people took notice, too!  The stat book would simply report Nick Hirannet to Himalaya Mehta for the goal, but soooo much more happened.

Runner up: Joel Schlachet (Team USA @ 2016 Worlds)

Ultimate Highlights to Watch Again & Again:
Jenny Wei (All-Star Ultimate Tour)
Marisa Rafter (UC Berkeley Pie Queens )
Callahan video submission

Josh Markette (Boston Ironside)
Cricket's snag of a wobbly disc (tipped dump from Jeff Graham) an inch off the turf and then forehand assist.

Team of the year: USA's Ultimate Nationals Teams
Team USA was dominant with a (62-1) record in 2016 racking up 6 gold medals and 1 silver.

Honorable Mentions:
Boston - Slow White, Ironside & Brute Squad - club championship sweep.

2016 AUDL champion Dallas Roughnecks that went (17-0) in the season.

Jersey of the Year: Atlanta Hustle (AUDL) alternate jersey
For the 2016 season, the Hustle wore a purple top and a white top until its last regular season game. An alternate jersey - blood orange on top and black on the bottom with HUSTLE across the chest - was made and kept as a secret until a big game - a 1-point Atlanta victory in their season finale versus Jacksonville.

ATL's "ALT jersey (right)

Best Experiment: @being_ulti twitter
A simple mission with a lots of personality which started in June 2016. It's a twitter account that gets taken over by a different person every week as a way to showcase those that play ultimate.


Neatest Innovation for the Ulti Community: 
1) The Mixed Division Spirit Awards
The idea was inspired by Seattle Mixtape to recognize players from the mixed division who exhibited personal responsibility, integrity, and selfless contribution to Ultimate, combined with a high standard of playing ability - just like the annual awards given by USAU in the men's and women's divisions.
Allysha Dixon (Philadelphia AMP) and David Protter (Love Tractor)

2) Team reference webpages by Ultiworld

3) Scoring/shot map chart by MLU/William Curb

4) USAU publishing post-tournament results with team seeding.


Coolest Infographics: openbracket(ultimate)
This uniform design company has been crafting WUGC tourney outcomes in an appealing manner.
Mixed Division: Assists + Goals
Spirit of the Game scores
& more


Trending: Ultimate players on Jeopardy.
Answer: Who is Doug Behrend?
Answer: Who is Cindy Stowell?


Best Exhibition Ultimate Games
[March 2016] "Futures" Game by Bama Secs in Atlanta

[Summer 2016] All-Star Ultimate Tour 2016

[October 2016] Off-season friendly between Iris vs Brute Squad

[April 2016] Women's All-Star Game in Cincinnati

[April 2016] Bay Area Women's Ultimate All-Star Game

[June 2016] Boston Area Women's All-Star Game


Best ultimate games: Seattle Riot vs San Francisco Fury 
October 2016: An(other) "instant classic" between two storied club ultimate teams during the semi-final at 2016 USA Ultimate Nationals: Riot versus Fury.

May 2016: Team Canada vs Team USA tune-up at Torneo Eterna Primavera from Colombia finals. The game was streamed via Facebook by Beau Kittredge.

June 2016: The New York Empire-DC Breeze games during the American Ultimate Disc League regular season were all amazing. This double OT thriller from the summer stands out.


Best Roster Pic: Ross Ward (New York Empire)

Weirdest Victory: Washington D.C. Current & Boston Whitecaps (MLU)
D.C. Current went on the road to play a night game at Boston. The Current did not play their June 11th game against Boston Whitecaps; they never even made it to Boston. Yet both teams still managed to earn a win.

Per the MLU: "The game will not be re-scheduled, and both teams will award a win instead, moving the Whitecaps to 7-2 and the D.C. Current to 3-5 on the season."


Most Athletic Feat: Khalif El-Salaam
Running from sideline to sideline (40 yards)...on his knees. My knees have threatened to go on strike if I ever pull a stunt like this.


Best in-print forms of Ultimate 
Ultimate Outsider novel by Alexander Rummelhart
"Skyd" (magazine) by Skyd Magazine
Fast Count! children's book by Hechter/Neugeboren


Best Films on Ultimate: All-Star Tour Documentary
All-Star Ultimate Tour: The Documentary by Alex Axworthy covers the inaugural 2015 tour and its effect on the players and the tour's impact in the ultimate community.

Honorable Mentions:
Bad Lip Reading by Chicago Machine
Fulcrum's coverage of Women's Division at Club Nationals
Flatball - a History of Ultimate Frisbee


Persons to be given a round of applause that crescendos into a standing ovation.

Qxhna Titcomb
As the founder and creator of the successful All-Star Ultimate Tour, Qxhna is a charismatic leader. She's someone whose passion, energy and intelligence are poured into every project she is involved with. The ulti community is better because of her work on and off the ultimate field.

Isaac Saul
Isaac is a reporter and journalist who covers politics (an important job I would never want). Isaac played on Pittsburgh Thunderbirds (AUDL) and New York PoNY in the 2016 seasons. He's known for his o-line knack on the ultimate field while showing deft skills in his career. His A Plus posts are a refreshing take on the world, while his Twitter account is a public arena where he regularly defends facts, his opinions, his profession, his background, and - when necessary - the sport of ultimate.


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