Monday, December 05, 2016

Highlights of Madison Radicals and Wisconsin College All-Stars Game at Lambeau Field

Madison Radicals and Wisconsin College All-Stars scrimmaged during Green Bay Packers' halftime on Sunday. The 6-minute snowy ultimate (snoltimate) exhibition game on the Frozen Tundra in front of the 78,000 NFL fans was well received.

Madison Radicals (not wearing their special jerseys) were introduced as "Wisconsin's professional ultimate frisbee team" by the emcee.
The emcee does his best let's-get-ready-to-rumble with: "Let's play frisbee, gentlemen!"
The first point was a typical first point for an ultimate league -- lots of turnovers.
On the very first point, the game experienced another typical occurrence when a bystander got in the way of the field of play. A Green Bay staffer was clearing the end zone lines of snow just as a team was looking to score.

I applaud the experiment of using the actual football end zones as the ultimate EZ's - an idea I have supported since AUDL's first season.
There was no 'Lambeau Leap' during the ultimate game, though an ultimate disc was thrown into the stands after the match.

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