Thursday, December 22, 2016

What I Got Wrong About the MLU

Major League Ultimate will be stopping after 4 seasons of competitive play. The MLU formed in late September 2012 and ended operations yesterday. I was very surprised about this sad news.
Here are some things I thought I knew about the MLU, but was wrong.

1. I projected Major League Ultimate - a startup business - would last, at least, for 5 seasons; adhering to a 5-year business plan.

2. I sensed MLU's business model was financially sound. It might be at least compared to the AUDL, but "inherent issues" in their business model was listed as one of the reasons for MLU's shutdown.

Per MLU's letter to the league:
"...despite our best efforts, and a recent influx of experience and knowledge, we have not succeeded in increasing the revenue to a level that would be adequate to cover the expenses of the League."

Due to the past losses, future projected losses, and the inherent issues that we have found in our business model the Board of Directors has decided to suspend operations, effective immediately, and the company will be issuing a public statement shortly."

3. I figured since MLU was signing players for the 2017 season that the 8-team league would have a 2017 season. One D.C. Current player was signed into the 2018 MLU season.

4. & 5. MLU Headquarters in Philadelphia recently moved into new offices. And, the notion MLU was "going out of business" was dismissed by MLU Executive V.P. Nic Darling on December 10, 2016 -- less than 2 weeks before yesterday's announcement.

6. I thought money was committed for 2017 and 2018:

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