Friday, August 11, 2017

Comparison: AUDL Regular Season Standings 2016 vs 2017

The 2017 American Ultimate Disc League regular season concluded in July. Out of the 24 AUDL teams, 3 advance to the playoffs from each regional division.

AUDL Division Standings: 2016 compared to 2017

Overall, 8 teams improved, 9 teams did not change, and 7 teams did worse in 2017 than in 2016.
No AUDL team advanced or fell more than 2 spots within their division.
The 2016 AUDL Championship finalists - Dallas and Seattle - both dropped in the 2017 standings compared to their 2016 division standings.
Three of 4 divisions had a different team advance to the 2017 AUDL playoffs compared to 2016; East: Montreal Royal, South: Jax Cannons, West: San Jose Spiders.
Three of 4 regular season division winners were the same as in 2017; only the South (Raleigh Flyers) changed.
The D.C. Breeze (East) were the only team to retain their position - 2nd place in the division - from 2016 to 2017.
Of the 2017 playoff teams, Montreal and San Jose had the biggest jumps (+2)

East: There was a lot of movement at the bottom of the division, while the top 2 spots were similar to 2016. Montreal defied the odds and improved 2 spots to claim a postseason bid.

Midwest: Minnesota started the season perfectly (7-0), but ended by going (4-3). Pittsburgh dropped 1 spot compared to 2016, but all 3 playoff teams returned.

South: Jacksonville Cannons handed Dallas their first ever loss - once in May and again in July. Jax returned to the playoffs along with Dallas who dropped a spot and Raleigh who was +1.
*NOTE: Nashville was 7th (last) in 2016 when the South had 7 teams and 6th (last) in 2017 with a winless season, so their relative position did not change.

West: All but 1 team had movement in 2017 compared to 2016 standings. LA (+1), San Jose (+2) and San Diego (+1) went up, while Seattle and Vancouver (-2) both went down 2 spots.

The postseason is underway.  After this weekend, the 4 teams that will play for the 2017 AUDL Championship will be decided.

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