Thursday, August 10, 2017

DC Breeze Host AUDL Playoff Game Versus Montreal Royal

D.C. Breeze host the Montreal Royal on Friday August 11 in the first round of the American Ultimate Disc League playoffs. Each AUDL team has one win and one loss against the other in the 2017 regular season. Breeze won at home 23-20 in May, then Montreal won at home 27-23 at home in June. They meet again tomorrow to decide who plays Toronto Rush on Sunday for the AUDL East Division title.

By the Numbers
0 = # of Friday games played by the Breeze in 2017 AUDL season. DC's first round postseason game is scheduled on Friday, August 11.

1 = point differential in the head-to-head matches between DC Breeze (46 goals) Montreal Royal (47 goals)

2 = seeding of the Breeze in the AUDL East. DC's finished (10-4) record with a +45 goal differential

3 = # of weeks since the last Breeze game (a win vs Philadelphia on July 22). Also, the number of times the Breeze have posted a (10-4) record in the AUDL regular season (2014, 2016, 2017)

4 = # of losses by D.C. Breeze in the 2017 regular season; one loss each to Flyers, Phoenix, Royal and Rush

5 = amount (in thousands of dollars) a Breeze fan won at a D.C. AUDL game - $5000!

6 = # of teams in the AUDL East. Beyond the 3 teams (Rush, Breeze, Royal) that advanced to the 2017 playoffs, there's New York Empire, Philadelphia Phoenix and Ottawa Outlaws

7 = # of home wins by D.C. at home in the 2017 regular season; the Breeze went undefeated (7-0) when playing at home (Galludet University).

8 = hundred block of the address for D.C. Breeze's playing field - 800 Florida Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C.

9 = drive time (in hours) from Washington, D.C. to Toronto - the site of the AUDL Division Championship on Sunday, August 13

10 = # of wins in the 2017 regular season by D.C. Breeze. Also, the # of current wins by the D.C. club ultimate team Truck Stop

11 = date in August 2017 when the Montreal Royal visit DC for round 1 of AUDL East postseason.

12 = price of admission to the DC-Montreal playoff game on Friday

13 = # of Breeze players in their 1st year on DC's AUDL team

14 = # of regular season games played by David Bloodgood in AUDL 2017 - the most by any Breeze player

15 = # of players on Breeze playoff roster with AUDL experience

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