Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Consistent Finishes by Minnesota Drag'n Thrust (2012-2017) at US Open

As good - okay, great - as Drag'n Thrust has been with their numerous championships (USA Ultimate Nationals, PAUC 2015, and WUCC 2014), D'nT has yet to win gold at the U.S. Open event.

In fact, in the six years Drag'n Thrust has competed in USA Ultimate's U.S. Open Championships, the mixed division team from Minnesota has finished either in 2nd place or in 3rd place. The Drag'ns have competed in every U.S. Open (started in 2012) and always finish no worse than 3rd at this Triple Crown Tour event, but never in 1st.
seconD'n Third

Drag'n Thrust Results History at US Open
/All seconD'n Third place finishes/
2017: 2nd
2016: 3rd (tie)
2015: 3rd (tie)
2014: 2nd
2013: 3rd (tie)
2012*: 3rd (tie)
*inaugural year

As D'nT has proven in 2013, 2014, and again in 2015, there is not much correlation between winning the U.S. Open and then winning Nationals in the same year. Only once - since 2012 - has the mixed U.S. Open champion also won that year's Nationals; Boston Slow White in 2016.

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