Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's-Not-Over View

frisbee on the brainAndrew sugarcoats...
Looking back at the recent Fall season, there's reason to think that we can still be competitive in B league (and don't need to be demoted to C).

We finished 5-6 overall (including the tournament) and scored a total of 135 points (vs. 136 points by our opponents). Even with our declining team speed, the average point differential in the games we lost was only about 4.5. In most of the losses, we were close despite lots of drops and not-great throws. If we had decreased drops and increased good throws (about 27%?), we would have likely won a few more of the close games.

The good news is that:
(1) catching and throwing don't get worse with advancing age and
(2) we have 4 months to practice before the next season.

See you at pick up...

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