Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 9: Tricky

limonStashed away in the far-east corner of the FDR fields, the game started evenly with Sludge scores celebrated like a Halloween score of a full-size candy bar. 2-1, 3-4.

David's hammer(s); Jen & Rachel's cutting; MicHael, Andrew & Russ' D; Sarah, Chris & Steve's catches were super sweet, as CHarlie pushed additional sugar highs for the team.

Content on continuing the predictable Door-to-doOr collection, brown was repeatedly denied at the goal line with either throwaways or drops (not the candy kind). Instead of delicious chocolate confection, Sludge were begrudgingly on the receiving end of too many (lemon) drops. Sludge wasn’t only cut-off, they were cut on. Repeatedly. 6-8.

At 6-12, it was scary how good Sludge’s OFFense was making Karmakaze’s defense look. The team stuck at 6 points operated so much better when there wasn't a sugar rush. Field space opened up. At 7-13, goals were budged to seek more treats in the form of turnovers (not the apple kind). At thus, began the great race to a respectable double-digits. 9-14.

Sludge comeback was an hour late (early DST observance) and a few SNICKERS short. (Respectable) Loss 10-15.


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