Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pool Play: 11.13.10

falldiscGame 1:
Sludge formed for their pool play game of their 25th season. What would seem routine, had a more 'teen' feel with our young opponents. Ammon, Ruthie, Anna, Daniel were cheering, but Sludge weren't scoring, 0-2.
An acrobatic goal line catch by Rachel put Sludge on the board, 1-2. After a tightening of the belt, 4-4.

Brown's zone hassleD forcing TO's especially near the endzone. During an extended point, Christy swatted down a sure score. 5-7 half.

Briefly, Sludge looked to take control as the D helped create transition O. Consecutive cuts were difficult to come by. Yet scoreboard hucks to Brian from Matthew, from David to Steve, & from Mike were all successful. Though the team wearing boxers had more fight in them. Loss 8-12.

:Game 2:
The next game flowed like easy crossword solutions. Already up 1, Chris caught a 50-yard flick to make it 3-1. Jen scored to push it to a 3 point lead, then Russ bookended (D, then score) Sludge to half, 8-5.

Zone walled up the blue-shirts against their endzone, 9-6. The offense pinched across the far sidelines for additiOnal. Opposite of loss...Win 13-6.

:Game 3:
A slender-er brown movement (bye to Fishpez & Russ) took a commanding 1-0 lead! Defense was on full display the entire game. Sarah blocked 2 endzone scores back-to-back. 3-3. Sludge outlasted Unclique on the long pointed first half, 8-6.

At 8-8, the energy output by Sludge into points did not transfer to scores. Charlie & Andrew kept pointed throws going, 10-11. With a hardcap on, the scores stopped clicking. Loss 10-12.

:Game 4:
Playing a 4th (meaningless) game is similar to reading your horoscope - it's fun, but isn't taken seriously. The 90 minutes after Sludge's toughest matchup and the last game allowed Bucci to layout (nap), MicHael to have 2 great pulls (sweaty sox off), & practice passing (nutty snacks).

Down 0-3 very quickly, Sludge looked s-crappy. Was the sun setting? Yes, literally. Such a factor that the green team switched to white. 3-5.

Sludge picked up the Pisces to get on the board. A more Libra person D was implemented, but couldn't Taurus past 25%. Sludge was beat deep & beat short. The good news: No clogging; the bad news: no cuts. 3-8.

At 7-14, Sludge was running...just not as fast as Keller or Ammon. Was the sun setting? Yes, figuratively. Loss 7-15.


As always, a fun-filled day to be with Sludge! Too bad we had to keep score.


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