Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AUDL West 2014 Schedule

An expected part of the pro Ultimate player's job description is travel, which costs money. Team owners are making a financial decision when scheduling back-to-back games by reducing travel costs.
Distance Chart: AUDL West teams
All AUDL West teams play back-to-back weekend games: Seattle Raptors (2), San Fran FlameThrowers (2), Vancouver Riptide (2), San Jose Spiders (4), and Salt Lake Lions (5). Via SemiProUltimate, teams posted a 11-27 record, in 2013, when playing a second back-to-back game.

Scanning Salt Lake's 2014 season, the Lions are scheduled to play the most back-to-back weekend games in the West. A 2-game homestand against the same team bookend their 14-game season.
SLC Lions 2014 Schedule
The four regular season games between the Bay Area teams -FlameThrowers vs. Spiders - will be on every fan's calendar.

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Benjamin Parris said...

I can not wait for these two to size up.