Friday, February 07, 2014

Start Times for Pro Ultimate Tryouts

The 2014 pro Ultimate seasons begins in April and will feature 25 teams -- 8 from MLU + 17 from AUDL. All teams have completed/scheduled their tryouts (sometimes called a "combine"). While most league games start between 12PM and 8PM, only eleven teams (44%) scheduled their tryouts during that eight-hour window.

Earliest Tryout Times
MLU: 5:00 AM, DC Current
AUDL: 7:30 AM, Cincinnati Revolution 8 :00 AM, Minnesota Wind Chill
Latest Tryout Times
MLU: 8:30 PM, Philadelphia Spinners
AUDL: 10:30 PM, Philadelphia Phoenix

Seven teams held their 2014 season tryouts last year:
October 2013
Rochester Dragons (AUDL)
Salt Lake City Lions (AUDL)

November 2013
Cincinnati Revolution (AUDL)
Indy AlleyCats (AUDL)

December 2013
Boston Whitecaps (MLU)
Detroit Mechanix (AUDL)
Montreal Royal (AUDL)


Anonymous said...

the Revolution never had a tryout at 7:30 am..

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 10:49pm,
Our original source =, but "Sorry the page you requested may have been moved or deleted." Per the Rev's Fb, the tryout was actually from 9pm on 11/9 - 7am on 11/10. A 10-hour tryout! Thanks for the tip.