Thursday, November 05, 2015

Coaching Change for DC Current

The Nationals aren't the only D.C. team with a new coaching change.

The D.C. Current (MLU) announced its first coaching change in franchise history as Keven Moldenhauer preferred playing to coaching. Keven's quote from the article is "Simple answer. I miss playing."

Coach Moldenhauer ends his MLU coaching career with an (18-12) regular season record over 3 seasons; a (2-1) postseason record; 1 Eastern Conference crown (2014); and 1 MLU Championship (2014).

If you have been following recent Current news, you may have noticed this coaching change was intimated with articles talking about next season without a quote from its head coach from the past 3 seasons and by literally chopping off Keven's head when promoting tryouts for next season (see below).

Defensive Head Coach Will Smolinski will take over as Head Coach of the Washington D.C. Current.

This also means...the first player on the 2016 roster has been implied. (It's Keven Moldenhauer.)


Screengrab from DC Current coaching staff web page.

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