Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MLU Cleats and Cufflinks Returns

After a 6+ month hiatus, MLU's poodcast Cleats and Cufflinks returns. Episode 24 [November 9] was with regular contributor Nic Darling ("Cleats"), but minus "Cufflinks" (Jeff Snader) who stepped down in September.

1. Cleats and Cufflinks podcast has new cover art. If you look closely, you will see MLU cufflinks aside red PUMA cleats because the podcast is still titled, Cleats & Cufflinks.

2. Cleats and Cufflinks clocks in at under 30 minutes. This format change was mentioned late in the podcast as "a little shorter, a little tighter." And, Nic joked: "Maybe some people will miss the extensive banter, but that's the way it is."

You might remember back in April 2015 I asked for a more "succinct podcast" and voila!

3. The MLU drafted a strategy for their 2014 season. Now, for the 2016 season, MLU Executive VP Nic Darling describes Major League Ultimate as a more welcoming organization in regard to MLU's strategic positioning.

[MLU is] "looking at the whole pantheon of ultimate. and saying: we're a piece of this, but there are all these important parts of it that we should be paying more attention to...that we should be talking about, that we should getting input from. We want to become sort of a stronger and better part of the overall community."

An example of this strategy can be seen with MLU's recent article praising USA Ultimate's partnership with Boy Scouts of America.

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