Monday, November 09, 2015

The Ditch Bunch

The Manila Spirits All-Star Exhibition Series - presented by the new broadcasting company, Ditch - is scheduled to cover two international friendly games this week. Viewing is free of charge.

Watch USA vs Philippines [ Wednesday, November 11 @ 8pm ET ]

Watch USA vs Japan [ Friday, November 13 @ 8pm ET ]

The USA exhibition mixed ultimate team is made up of top players from the around the country. Ditch has been giving background on each of the fourteen players in lead up to this week's games.
[Counter clockwise] Johnston. Kittredge. Desmond. Mickle. Johnson. Shofner. Freechild.

[Counter clockwise] Rehder. Won. Pitcaithley. Nethercutt. Payne. Peterson. Perston

[Photos via Ditch; grouped by SLUDGE]

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