Friday, November 20, 2015

USA Ultimate Logo Evolution

USA Ultimate published a timeline of their organizational logos. Created as "Ultimate Players Association" in December 1979, the non-profit has, surprisingly, just 3 logos in its 35+ years.
screengrab via Winter 2014, pg 5
In their first logo, the green UPA block lettering attempts to demonstrate the sport within each character. Their second logo retains the green coloring but spells out the organization's name with a quasi disc-like shape as a border. In 2010, USA Ultimate adopted a more patriotic look similar to peer governing bodies of sport (e.g. USA Basketball, USA Football)

The design of USA Ultimate's magazine masthead is currently on its third update since 2008. See below for the redesigns:
USA went from being formatted as vertical text to under- and overlined aside the all-caps "Ultimate" to the current version with USA sliding atop the left stem of "U" in ULTIMATE.

"USA Ultimate: Official Magazine of USA Ultimate" has been the magazine title since the spring 2008 issue. Before that, the magazine was titled "Ultimate News" from Spring 2003 – Winter 2007 issues. The original publication name (1980 - Winter 2002) was "The UPA Newsletter."

[Research conducted via USAU Archives]

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