Thursday, November 17, 2016

Roster Breakdown of Boston Slow White, Ironside, Brute Squad

Club ultimate teams from Boston swept the mixed, men's and women's divisions at USA Ultimate 2016 Championships in October. A lot factors into building a championship team including player experience, talent, and skill; even some luck helps. Using provided roster data, here's a breakdown - albeit limited - of the thee championship rosters of Boston teams Slow White, Ironside and Brute Squad.
Slow White: The majority of Slow's 2016 roster was aged 25-29 with ten (10) players in their 30's— five of whom were at least 33 years old.

Ironside: Nearly half of Iside's 2016 roster was in the 25-29 age group with eight (8) players in their 30's—four who were at 35 or older.

Brute Squad: 85% of the Brute's 2016 roster falls in the 25-29 age range.

[Data via USA team rosters]

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