Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DC Breeze Plan a 'Unique' Tryout for AUDL 2017 Season

The D.C. Breeze announced some details on their tryout  process for the American Ultimate Disc League 2017 season. The Breeze look to improve upon their (11-5) record and 2nd-place finish in the East Division.

The Breeze's March tryout specifically mentions targeting only D.C.-area players. The process includes an open tryout in March 2017 plus two optional presentations.
The presentation titles are: "Making the Jump to the Elite Level – Team Strategy and Individual Performance." and "Elite Team Strategy: Offense and Defense Fundamentals" presented by Breeze GM and head coach  Alex Ghesquiere.

1. Pro tip: If the General Manager who is also the head coach of the ultimate team which you are trying out for is offering an optional presentation, then your only option is to attend.

2. Both presentation titles use the term as "elite" instead of 'pro' or 'semi-pro.' Maybe a startup is in the works for a new "ELITE" ultimate league....AMERICAN ELITE-IMATE DISC LEAGUE?

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