Thursday, November 03, 2016

What's Happening with Ultimate in the Olympics?

Below is a compilation from a variety of sources on the Olympic status updates for the sport of ultimate over the past four months.

JULY 2016
Interview during USAU U.S. Open Championship, Men's Final
Evan Lepler asked USA Ultimate CEO: "What's the latest that we should know?"

Crawford: "We're staying optimistic [for 2024]. We're trying to stay positioned as well as we possibly can to have a legitimate shot of getting on the program. With the 2020 Reform Movement in the Olympic Games, we check off a lot of those boxes and that's a good thing. So we're still pursuing it and that's definitely our goal."

Lepler: ...What needs to go right for the sport?

Crawford: "IOC keeps coming to our World Championships and watching...One of the value-adds they really like is the self-officiating and the Spirit of the Game aspect because they think it's a real differentiator. So, as long as they continue to see that working and us be very entertaining - which we certainly are. We've proven we can be on TV."

"It would be great to see L.A. win the [2024 Olympics] bid, I can tell you that...we also have some relationships out there we can sort of take advantage of to give us a good shot."


WFDF confirms by Twitter: "We're aiming at the 2024 Olympics."


Via USA Ultimate Annual Report (2015):

"The IOC recognition (in August 2015) officially puts us on the bench for future Olympic Games inclusion...."



World Flying Disc Federation President in posted video (October 31, 2016): Inclusion of Flying Disc (Ultimate) in ANOC's 2019 World Beach Games "puts us in a very good position vis-à-vis  our overall Olympic aspirations....part of ongoing progress towards improving our status within the Olympics movement."
Screengrab via Facebook


This weekend's U.S. Beach Open takes place in Santa Monica - less than 20 miles away from Los Angeles. The beach ultimate tournament description states: "It's no secret that the International Olympic Committee is interested in our sport, and mixed gender beach ultimate is, for many reasons, high on the list."


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