Tuesday, January 05, 2010

High Thread Count

threadsRemember HYPERCOLOR? It was wicked for about 5 wearings minutes in the early 1990's. Here's the newest version of thermochromes for any new babies...

BabyglowColor - Changing Sleep Suit

Pink, blue, green = normal fever
White = soaked in sweat (fever)

For parents of young children, pediatric fevers are often the first harbinger of the next childhood illness to be endured. Aiming to make such fevers more obvious sooner, a UK-based outfit offers an infant sleep suit that changes color as the baby's temperature rises, thereby enabling parents to act faster to prevent overheating.

Why stop at body temps, here are my possible future coloring schemes:
Yellow = soaked in pee; Brown = full of #2

Ed. Note: An amateur prototype depicting the yellow & brown idea was created, but deemed inappropriate for posting.

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