Friday, January 15, 2010

Tech it Out

Part Computer! Part Phone!! Frisbee-ish!!! Pls tell me it makes PB & J sandwiches.

Lenovo Skylight Hands On: The Frisbee Smartbook

The Skylight is part netbook, part smartphone, and I’m pretty sure I could throw it 50 yards. The real question is if that makes it a game changer or a novelty act.

The look and feel are certainly novel, if not novelty. The Skylight has an ultra thin clamshell design and weighs less than 1kg – it feels like a frisbee in your hand. It’s a sturdy build, though, and seems like it could handle being jostled around in your bag. The 10.1-inch hi-def display is more crisp and clear than most netbooks, and 720p video looks great. ... more

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