Friday, January 08, 2010

Sludg-E Award

yeahIn preparation for the huge event that is the SLUDGEY Awards {Saturday} AND to demonstrate the depth of nomination research, the Awards Committee is E-lated to debut the very first
Reader's Choice Sludgey Award
for Best Online Posting

And the nominees are...

Christy: Oh wait just saw the msg: of course it's from me! I just
can't resist asking people to "check up" erotic photos of myself. [via Facebook]

Brian: Jen squeezed my hand really hard during a particularly painful contraction. [via Facebook]

Rob: What could be better than catching the Steve Miller Band in concert three weeks before your 30th reunion? [via Facebook]

Matthew: "Sand in my Pants" [via Doodle]

Gayle: Just call me Martha--I made my own vanilla extract. [via Facebook]

MJ: Still not walking. [via Doodle]

And the winner is... will be decided by you - the reader - by posting a Comment. Good Luck!


-reader said...


christy said...

Matthew. Concise.

Anonymous said...


Matthew said...

Although he's not nominated, the clear winner is Michael.

bucci said...

matthew - giggle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Christie. a thing of beauty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...