Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pickled Content

A long, long, long time ago - around the time of Sludge's naming - I read a tidbit in a magazine [a printed periodical delivered to my residence by USPS]. The title, listed under a "Technology" header, was "Building a better pickle." I tore the page out because of its compelling content & stored it underneath a dictionary on a bookshelf [a storage device for printed books and tchotkes to fill the space of books].

Fastforward to the present...Welcome!
I opened a storage crate in my basement; lo & behold, a dictionary, books & a ripped out page from the October 19, 1998 US News & World Report. The content has brined & is now ready to be consumed via THE SLOG.

Vlasic's 'Project Frisbee' - Vlasic Introduces Giant Pickle

Vlasic Foods International, Cherry Hill, NJ, announced the introduction of what it calls "the world's largest pickle product" targeting more than 3.5 billion hamburgers consumed by Americans at home each year: Vlasic "Hamburger Stackers." The new product uses a specially cultivated cucumber—which took four years to develop for optimum size, taste and crunch—that is more than 10 times larger than traditional pickle cucumbers. This allows for a single, giant slice to cover an entire hamburger.

"Hamburger Stackers" will be marketed as the perfect pickle for burgers because the product provides pickle taste and crunch in every bite, which consumers see as a tremendous benefit.

Vlasic president and CEO Robert Bernstock said the company secretly began developing the product—under the special code name, "Project Frisbee" in reference to its size—immediately following the success of its "Sandwich Stackers" product in 1995.

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