Tuesday, March 30, 2010


scbumpToss $3.5 trillion around any which way you tender.

Foldable Fed Budget Frisbee

Info: A multi-use pocket sized pie chart of the Federal Budget. It depicts the large amount the U.S. spends on the Pentagon & the small amount on everything else. This fun new device can be used practically anywhere...in a congressional meeting, a classroom, dinner with the family, or even an indoor frisbee match.

Price: $4.95 (12+ = $3.00 each)

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Anonymous said...

Frisbee's about the right use for it considering this is NOT a pie chart of the federal budget, only of ONE THIRD of it, viz., discretionary spending. By such shenanigans, the social spending driving the deficit can be ignored, and defense spending can be presented as over 50%, when it is actually less than 20% of the total.