Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 1: InPrius-ive

nonstopBrakes were applied before the first game revved up. First, finding the new field posed a challenge, and then, waiting an extra hour to gape over the flat area covered in a natural green-toned turf (our field space). Plus a snack bar & indoor restrooms; unconnectedly located of one another.

Sludge welcomed the return of Jen as Bucci showed off her new cleats. Known for starting with the parking brake on, it was a relief to see point #1 favored brown.

Judging by the first few points, it looked like this game was gonna use all the fuel in the tank. At 4-2, Sludge experienced a sudden acceleration issue which in no way could be blamed on floor mats. Besides an unsuccessful Mike-to-Christy hammer score attempt, Sludge's offensive balance really impressed. Also, Rachel had a land-on-head layout for an early score. Up 5 at half.

Sludge guzzled up Shamrockoll’s unforced errors.

After halftime, Sludge experienced a minor faulty electronic throttle control causing the dashboard to light up. 11-5, 13-8. Sludge regained traction with Nigel and Matthew in mid-season form. Brian skyed for a disc resulting in a dramatic catch.

From the sidelines, Sludge’s "patience" may have been I'm-not-prepared-to-cut...yet-I-sincerely-hope-someone-else-moves, thereby waiting until the last possible moment (stalling 8...) to dart to an open spot, usually resulting in a positive yardage play. Win 15-8.

All things being Spring Equinox, Sludge had a great showing – both on and off the field. Thanks to Jake, Keller, Daniel and Anna for their support.

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bucci said...

Brillant, energetic, tank filling post! I am glad we weren't gassy.