Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 2: Re-form

hrAfter a back-and-forth 15 points which saw some ?uestionable zone by Sludge picked methodically by idunno; Sarah catching a score & throwing for a score (different points); and an impatience of brown O... Sludge was down 7-8.

Sludge sought reform! They voted favorably to continue passing "add-ons" to their point total. Brian, Joe, Matthew & Jen helped positively spin the disc. One key passage was a cross-filed hammer to Nigel, an up-field throw to Chris, & finally a score to MicHael. By the time Sue arrived, all were voting YEA for Sludge's strengthening disc protection and lowering costly points. 9-8. 9-9. 12-10.

For point #13, Bucci cut to the near cone in the end zone where she stalled the disc in one hand for a score. Despite the barrage of amendments, Sludge cotinued their steady O. Steve (finally) scored his first point for Sludge late in the 2nd half.

With reconciliation in sight, CHarlie caught the victorious score. Win 15-11.

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Anonymous said...

what about the "filibuster" that nearly wiped away a beautiful defensive play by someone in brown?