Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't Worry, Be App-y

dgappYou can happy about a much improved APP compared to this pixel-y iPhone App.

DiscGolf iPhone App

Info: Never again struggle to keep track of your score while navigating the disc golf course! DiscGolf ScoreSheet has been designed to make scoring disc golf fast and easy. Just touch and all the work is done for you. Pick your copy up today so you will have it the next time you play disc golf.

Features: Stroke entry has been refined to be simple and fast making scoring disc golf on your iPhone or iPod Touch way easier than with pencil and paper.

Not only track your progress on the course, but 8 of your friends too! That's right, DiscGolf Scoresheet will keep track of up to NINE different golfers.

When you're done playing, save the game for review later! Keep a history of your whole season ... or longer ... right in your pocket.

Score up to 50 strokes per hole. (Maybe you don't need 50 strokes, but I always seem to be golfing with disc eating trees!)

Inline game stats for the serious Disc Golfer! When you score a hole you will see the hole par, the number of strokes it took you last time and your overall stroke average for the hole too!

Keep a complete list of all the courses you have played.

Built in leaderboard will let you see how everyone ranks against each other as you play.

Customize each golfer by name and the color of their disc. This makes finding information about a golfer even faster.

Price: $1.99

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