Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear John, Dear Diary

urbkDear Diary,
Writing words on paper hurts my hand so I'm leaving you to place all
athletic achievement certificates and sportical images in a book that similarily will sit on a shelf & be ungoogleable.

Sport Specific Yearbook: Ultimate (Classified under "Other Sports")

Info: A yearbook about you and your team. The perfect (ahem...!) way to share your favorite moments, plays, tournaments and memories with the rest of your team. What better way to immortalize a great season? Best of all, you make it your way. Use your photos, make your comments and use your stats.

Price: 8 or 12 pages = $19.95 per book (1-4 copies); $16.95 per book (5-9 copies); and $14.95 per book (10+ copies).

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