Monday, April 05, 2010

Week 3: Bunny Business

Sludge's slow arrival would not be reflective of the first half's first half. Brown hopped to a 4-0 lead thanks to a savage zone D by Chris, CHarlie, Hectah [sic], Steve, Joe, Sarah & Rachel.

More of the colony showed up. Upon MattHew's arrival, his first throw increased the lead to 5-2. When Jen & Brian appeared, Sludge D continued their egg-asperate goal line stances. Though, young Toast slowly caught up to brown.

Down 1 at half, Sludge never sacrificed the O-pportunity symbolizing an oxygen efficient, patient (walking) offense toward the goal. Relying on a pinch middle zone, their opponents had to work for their points.LnL

Game action was all around high-quality egg-cluding one "sloppy" point; a pass from Jen over to CH who stepped in the only mud puddle in the end zone. 12-10.

Egged on by a youthful Chicagoan cheering section, Sludge leavened to the occasion over Toast. Win 15-12.


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