Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 6: What "E" Day

edaypicsAndrew recaps...
On April 24, Sludge belatedly celebrated Earth Day with a short trip to one of its favorite places on Earth. The normally brown Polo fields were uncharacteristically green and matched the uniforms of our opponents, Absyntheminded. Would this prove to be a bad omen for Sludge or would the team find strength in the fact that most of its players were born before the first Earth Day was celebrated?

The threat of rain appeared to keep tourists away, but could not stop Russ' uncle (and his amazing technocolor bike helmet) from cheering for Sludge. After settling in with a smooth blend of classic zone D (despite only a slight breeze) and a splash of person defense, a 4-4 start turned into a 8-5 halftime advantage for Sludge as its 'just good enough' offense mostly took care of the disc and capitalized on forced and unforced turnovers. Starting the 2nd half on O, Sludge stayed in its happy place while Absynthe appeared to be feeling the effects of their long, first game. Sludge wins 15-6, a total team effort with everyone involved in defense, throwing scores, and catching scores.

Overheard by MattHew...one Absinthe player, clearly impressed with brown's rapid scoring efficiency, said with a sheepish smile, "Thanks for making it painless."

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