Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 4: Hot Tub Time Machine

hottubWith nearly all of Sludge – Amelia, Andrew, Anna, Brian, Charlie, Chris, Christy, Daniel, David, Jake, Jen, Joe, Keller, MattHew, Meg, MicHael, Mike, Nigel, Rachel, Russ, Sarah & Steve – blossoming for Saturday’s game, it was simply a beautiful sight. Like everyone knew there’d be a snack at the end of the game. As If!

Confirming the lack of land surveyors on the team, the field was finally sited aside the FDR Memorial due to Polo Field land issues. So many Sludge, so little room to grab the disc at the opening cheer, so great!

Sludge began strong and gobbled up all of Fitin’ Carrotz turnovers thanks to brown’s pressure zone; effectively preventing any sustained flow and long throws by the other team. 2-1, 3-1, 4-1. Another turnover? All like No Way! 6-1. Sludge like totally was Izod-ing all the way to half as a pass to Jen was brushed to CHris to make it 8-2.

Where some points were unrulely gnarly – feisty rule calls &/or picks, others were highly competitive and back-&-forth. The outcome may have been different if the 2nd half was the first half.

At 11-3, still atop the leader board, Sludge began to move like trees. Like everyone had forgotten there was gonna be a secret sweet treat at game’s end. As If! The Biting-Off-Less-Than-You-Can-Chew approach to offense worked really well for the team in the lead.

At 13-7, Sludge put the final crimp on any FiCa comeback with 2 scores by Sarah. Cool Beans! Win 15-7.

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