Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Day

nofrisbeexHappy Record Store Day !
Records are meant to be broken spun for entertainment, just like frisbees!

Album: Frisbee (2009) By: NOFX
After recently celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band, NOFX is still firing on all cylinders with the release of their 11th studio full-length, Frisbee. Boasting a title that takes a playful jab at the current direction of the music industry, Frisbee showcases NOFX's limitless proficiency in crafting songs that simultaneously electrify and entertain. There is little question about what has separated NOFX as an enduring force in independent music, and more specifically, as an institution in the punk scene over the past 25 years and Frisbee is yet another credit to their legacy.

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