Friday, April 13, 2012

AUDL Merch

Merchandising, along with ticket sales, are main revenue streams for AUDL teams. Which teams are selling the most obvious souvenir to Ultimate fans?

175-gram Ultra-Star Disc for sale by four teams (from $12.99 - $19.99):

Philly Spinners: $19.99
Indy AlleyCats: $15.00

Connecticut Constitution: $12.99

Detroit Mechanix: Store page, no merch Store opened on 5/4...$15.00

Bluegrass Revolution: Online Store, but no discs. Discs for sale on 6/23.

Rhode Island Rampage: Online Store page, no merch. Discs for sale on-site...$15.00

Columbus Cranes: $19.99 (pre-order) (an AUDL commemorative disc; not specific to team)

Buffalo Hunters: NO store

AUDL: Store page, no merch. Store opened on 4/26... $19.95 (pre-order)

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