Friday, April 06, 2012

Recap: AUDL Team Logos

The series evaluating the 8 team logos and nicknames of the professional Ultimate league is complete. A compilation of final grades for the AUDL teams' design are below.

Philadelphia Spinners: A-

Indianapolis AlleyCats: B

Columbus Cranes: C

Detroit Mechanix: C

Bluegrass Revolution: D

Rhode Island Rampage: D

Buffalo Hunters: F

Connecticut Constitution: F-

View full reviews and critiques for all 8 teams.

Final thoughts from Jeremiah: In this day of sublimated jerseys, there may be less consideration for this, but none of these designs would be able to be printed on a disc without some considerable alterations, which I think could be a big miss in marketing terms.

In designing a brand or logo for a sports club/team if you can figure a way to incorporate the ball or in this case, the disc into the logo, it better be rendered well. Not necessarily photo realistic, but at least representative of a Discraft Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate disc, not a 99¢ beach disc.

If you are interested in creating logos for sports teams, take a few minutes and look at the work of Fraser Davidson. This guy is at the top of the game when it comes to sports branding.

Many thanks to Jeremiah Boncha [founder + & also at] for contributing to this series.


austinoh said...

def underwhelmed with these designs. can't even imagine wearing a t-shirt with most of these designs. hopefully future rebrands or expansion teams will get more input from design pros.

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