Thursday, April 05, 2012

Review: AUDL Philadelphia Spinners

Next in the series evaluating the 8 AUDL team logos and nicknames.
Team: Philadelphia Spinners // Website:

Colors: Red, Blue, White // Representation: City

Disc within logo?: Yes. //  Ultimate element in team name?: Yes. (spins)

History/Research: The Spinners are a soul music group from Detroit with hits like "I'll Be Around". There's a minor league baseball team (Boston Red Sox affiliate), whose location - Lowell, Massachusetts - is known as a textile mill town. Less than 10 tornadoes have been seen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since 1958.

First impression(s): Could be a freestyling group from Philly, or disc golfers - as in Arizona. The starred disc resembles the shield for Captain America...

Jeremiah's Eval: Not great, but this is probably the most successful design of the bunch. It is not the best illustration of an Ultimate disc, but I think the overall simplicity of the design is its biggest strength.

Jeremiah's Grade: A-

What are your thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?

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