Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 4: Blasted

When at Anacostia Park, you will find yourself between a rocky field and a windy place. After a strategic move away from the rockiest field known to ankles, the wind aided in Sludge's sails in the first half. Early strong D-isplay, like RacHel's knock downs in the cup, Sludge transitioned to O by swirling around the goal line against Sundays at Six person defense. Bucci caught a score to show off for her older sister; 2-1.

A few more upwind points were handler-ed by MattHew & Joe; 5-1, 5-2.

A change of direction suddenly blew in during the last part of the first half. 6-3, 6-6, 7-6.

Sludge struggled versus the collapsing zone cup that pinched brown against the sidelines as the gusts prevented upfield throws, and airbounces challenged all swings. First throws were as difficult as explaining the purpose of wind chimes.

Down one & losing by 1 at half, "we could still lose this one" was hinted. A one-word solution was conferred – PUNT.

CHris sparked the sluggish brOwn with a spectacular catch between 2 defenders in the endzone; 9-11. Flurried, patient passing - similar to the game's start - returned with a MicHael-Russ-Nigel-Jen score; 10-11.

More turnovers near the endzone chapped Sludge's halftime plan. One could say the PUNTs were just P-U (read: Pee-Yew). When the disc found its way off the sideline, score potential was realized. 10-13; 12-13; 12-14.

Still competing, David's endzone defense helped redirect flow to a Matthew-to-Nigel score; 14's.

At hard cap, a few more wind-induced turnovers led to game over.
Loss, 14-16.

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