Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Week 3: Wiped

In a preview of a Grand Master Ultimate league (Men: ages 40+; Women: 30+), Sludge met the familiar-faced Rerun at Montgomery Hills.

At 0(h no)-2, Sludge was already fatigued just warming up for a long game. The most urgent cut was mistakenly observed by someone heading off-field to the woods. (More on the woods later...)

Sludge operated at low flow and were unable to convert on near-goal chances; 1-6, 2-6. Often pinned against the sidelines, brown's O worked with break side throws and middle-of-the-field vantages.

Andrew started the scoring with a cross-field score to CHris. Bucci tossed one to make the score 4-7.

At half (4-8), following Griffin's insinuation, Sludge put their little brown movement behind them.

A 5-1 run fueled by scores from Sarah-to-David, Matthew-to-Jen-to-Steve, Mike-to-MicHael-to-Jen, and a low huck from Joe-to-MicHael. The key to brOwn was its efficiency with short passes <10 yards and maintaining possession.

While Rerun refused to make any turnovers in the first half, their 2nd half ones were seized upon. Sludge had their first lead at 10-9 with a Brian-to-Andrew-to-David score.
An overturn of a pick continuation swung the point from a score to a turnover, and then shifted momentum away from Sludge. No more brown points were tallied in this fun to play or spectate capped game.
Loss, 10-13.

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