Wednesday, May 16, 2012

AUDL Stats

Due to inexplicable game scoring and game statuses, this page cannot be updated.     ==============================================
Thru Week 11 AUDL Sports page snapshot:

  • Seven games were played -- the busiest AUDL weekend in 2012
  • After 44 games played, home teams are 30-14 (68%)
  • Avg Winning Score Totals [thru 44 games]: 23.9 (home); 23.92 (away)
  • 4.79 points = average margin of victory [thru 44 games]
Thru Week 10 AUDL Sports page snapshot:

  • Total Winning Score averages: 23.88 (home); 24.5 (away)
  • 37 games played so far, home teams are 25-12 (68%)
  • 4.89 points = average margin of victory (thru 37 games)
  • After a Connecticut loss (to Philly), only Philadelphia remains undefeated at home
  • DATA NOTE: W-L record is correct; Home-Away data is not. Sorry!
Thru Week 9 AUDL Sports page snapshot:
  • Only the 4 Eastern Division teams played in week 9.
  • Highest margin of victory = 17 (Spinners, 33 - Hunters, 16; Week 9) 
Thru Week 8 AUDL Sports Page snapshot + did-you-knows:

  • 1328 = total scores (average: 42.8 total scores/game)
  • 23.65 = average score by winning team (thru 31 games)
  • 4.45 points = average margin of victory (thru 31 games)
  • Best For vs Against total = Connecticut Constitution (+34)
  • Worst For vs Against total = Buffalo Hunters (-39)
  • Connecticut has the best overall AUDL record (6 wins); the Hunters have the worst (0 wins)
  • Highest margin of victory = 15 (Connecticut, 30 - Buffalo, 15; Week 5) 
  • Home teams are 20-10 (66.7% winning)
  • Rhode Island Rampage and Detroit Mechanix have played the most games (9)
  • One game was postponed due to weather (Spinners at Rampage; Week 8)
Thru Week 7 AUDL Sports Page snapshot:
  • Home teams are 19-9 (68% winning).
  • Connecticut & Philly are undefeated at home (4-0), while both Buffalo & Detroit are winless on the road (0-4).

Thru Week 6 AUDL Sports Page snapshot:

About one-third (35%) of the inaugural AUDL season has passed with the 8 teams playing 19 games in 5 weeks. While the AUDL only shows Win-Loss records, Leaguevine posts lots of data for teams and players.

Here's my summary of AUDL teams divided into their respective divisions displayed in a more "Sports page" friendly snapshot.

Did You Know...more AUDL team data (through Week 5):
  • 823 = total scores (Average: 43.3 total scores/game; ~11.2 total scores/quarter)
  • 24.37 = average scores by winning team (thru 19 games)
  • Columbus Cranes scored BOTH the highest score in a game (37; win vs Indy AlleyCats in Week 5), and the lowest score in a game* (8; loss vs Bluegrass Revolution in Week 3)
  • Best Scores-for vs Scores-against = Philadelphia Spinners (+26)
  • Worst Scores-for vs Scores-against = Buffalo Hunters (-32)
  • Philly has the best overall AUDL record (4 wins); the Hunters have the worst (0 wins)
  • Bluegrass Revolution has the same exact number of scores as the Buffalo Hunters (70), yet the Rev have a better record (3-1) than Buffalo (0-4).
  • The longest game (58 minutes) went into double overtime  (Cranes vs AlleyCats; Week 1).
  • The shortest game (~28.5 minutes) was stopped at halftime, after 2 quarters 7:33 in the 3rd quarter, due to a lightning storm* (Cranes vs Revolution; Week 3).
NOTE: This page is now sequenced with most recent standings & data at the top. Thanks for your feedback.


Smatt said...

Interesting additions: Home/Road Wins and division figures.

Only team with a Road win % above 0.500 is the Rampage.

Cranes, Mechanix, Alleycats and Hunters all have a 0.000 Road win %

Spinners, Constitution and Revolution all have 1.000 Home win %

In the East, the win % is above 0.500 at 0.526 whereas the West is below at 0.438

The goal difference for the East is +1 and for the West is -1

Sludge said...

Excellent additional analysis, Smatt!

Anonymous said...

Sadly the stats are skewed because the East is a much weaker division at the current time and the amount of out of division games are very few. I know the revolution have played zero out of division games.

Smatt said...

Well, after weak 6 the East is 2-1 against the West with the Rampage at 3rd in the East taking down the Cranes and the Mechanix.
The teams not to have played out of division currently are the Spinners and Constitution in the East and the Revolution and Alleycats in the West.
The Rampage are still the only team with an above 0.500 Road record after week 6, and the Spinners and Constitution are the two teams left with a 1.000 Home record after the Revolution lost at home to the Alleycats.

Smatt said...

*week 6
It seems like this week will be the time for comparison between the divisions with 4 of the 5 games being cross division games.

Anonymous said...

Obviously anonymous doesn't pay much attention to ultimate... If he/she did they would know that Phili is composed of mostly South Paw (Philadelphia) players and Connecticut has a lot of Iron Side (Boston) players. Two teams that made club nationals and are considered among the best. The best club feeder team in the West would be Mad Cow out of Columbus didn't make nationals last year and are considered a fringe team. Going into the season everybody knew that Phili and Conn would be the best teams by far.