Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pool Play Results: 5.19.2012

Game 1:
The first of three games started with a bit of wind and a lot of sun. Sludge was on a low simmer for most of the first half, usually squeezed along the sideline; 0-1; 1-1.

After a collision, MicHael’s flick was caught by Matthew's replacement (Nigel); 3-5. Sarah nabbed a trailing edge bender sent up by Bucci; 4-5, 4-7; 4-8. What would later be complimentary described as "annoying" by the opponent, Sludge's zone found its groove in the second half. Matthew returned, CHarlie chucked, and both RacHel & CHris caught scores; 7-10.

Brian bookended with an endzone smackdown, and then a score at the other end. Every Sludge throw was closely contesteD.  8-11, 9-11, 11-12.

Sludge O performed well in transition while the mix of zone with person-wing troubled SundaysatSix. 12-13; 12-14. Chances to take the lead were literally thrown way with rushed deep throws converting to quick turnovers. Oh, Russ had a hand in creating turnovers, too. Loss, 12-15.

Game 2:
Sludge continued their competitive pace as they 'traveled' to the next field to play Dance Cafe. Russ picked up a turned disc with a fling to a blistering Nigel; 1-0. After being beat deep, the score ran up to 1-3. Jen flicked in a score; 2-3. Andrew caught a score; 5-5. A Sarah-MicHael-RacHel-Jen-Steve work-up led to a Russ score at the cone; 7-7. Only down 1 at half, this Sludge game turned into the "showcase game."

Joe reverted to his original issue brown shirt, and Sludge's play was a welcomed throwback. Andrew’s upline flick to Nigel started a 4:3 combination with Sarah to Rachel to Jen for a Brian score; 8-8. Brian stepped up to a turned disc and had a casual toss to Nigel making it 5 consecutive points; 12-8. The play, for some, was blinding.

After a contested stall, and an unheeded travel call, the lead scaled back to only 2. Sludge returned to scoring with a friendly (& timely) airbounce on a Joe backhand to Brian; 13-12; 13-14. Universe point was an entertaining point which almost went Sludge's way as a Joe's step out forehand zipped toward MicHael, but it was blocked by a layout D. Loss, 14-15.

Game 3:
Compared to the previous 2 games, the last game of the day versus Absintheminded was well below speed. A Russ to Andrew combination gave Sludge the lead; 4-3. Sludge's zone might not have been as fierce, yet it was just as effective. RacHel scored like she was catching sun rays; 8-3.

Steve caught a score from Sarah; 9-6. CHris' defense prevented any sidelines tosses. Charlie's D (in the cup) led to a Sarah to Matthew score; 14-7. Finally, Bucci's saucer found a kneeling MicHael in the endzone; 15-7. Sludge's auto-pilot was better than theirs. Win, 15-7.

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