Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Week 8: In-Synco de Mayo

Like the post-game food order at Mi Rancho, Sludge was slow to show up. Yet, once were all accounted for at Sligo, brown quickly found regularity. Sludge's zone was powered by a hustling cup, shadowing wings, and an overcast sky supplying an effective wind setting.

Throughout the game, the transition from defense-to-offense was muy rĂ¡pido like the chip shift from salsa to guacamole. Charlie's no-look knuckler to Nigel; 1-0. Steve's weakside backhand to a tumbling MicHael; 4-2. Joe’s 30-yard backhand to a cutting Bucci; 5-2.

Flowing like margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, Andrew upliner to MicHael, flick to Nigel, a reset to MicHael, score to a cutting Sarah; 6-4. Going into half, a person D point led to a turnover that CHarlie crested over a defender for a 3-point lead; 8-5.

Sludge stayed a step ahead of O'face (who were playing their 2nd game of the day) with an impressive 94% completion rate. Scoring upwind, Andrew swing to CHarlie, swing to MicHael, backhand to Sarah, tipped pass to CHarlie, swing to MicHael, to a cutting CHarlie; 13-7. RacHel skyd at the goaline for a Bucci toss, which was then dumped to Bucci, then moved to CHarlie, and flung to Nigel (again) at the cone; 14-7.

The pressure D coupled with the opponent's case of the dropsies gave Sludge the edge; win 15-7.

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