Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Week 7: Scoobered

Sludge knowingly & willingly started the first point playing person defense; though rare, it proved effective. RacHel notched a “bookend” (D-ing the disc & catching a score on the same point) with a knockdown, then a catch of MattHew's huck; 1-0. MattHew continued with a lofty flick to Sarah; 3-1.

At point #5, Andrew observed: either Sludge slowed down or AbsintheMinded warmed up. Second and third cuts from the stack were absent like the air current. On the other side of the disc, a handful of skillful scoobers pestered the windless Sludge zone D.

Mixing up defenses (person , zone, & a hybrid cup with 2-people chasing the disc + 1 defender playing man-to-man versus the main handler) helped as did moving the disc under 6 seconds when in possession. Steve-CHris-Jen-MicHael caught a tipped disc on the far endzone sideline; 6-6.

O was not necessarily "patient & efficient" as it was PATIENTly waiting for an Eventual cut & suFFICIENT.

Down 1 at half (7-8), Sludge continued to play well with others. Bucci recorded a bookend, too; 8-8. Andrew pivoted into a 160-degree backhand for brown's 10th point. With the game in the double digits, points were traded; 11-10, 11's, 11-12, 11-13, 12-13. Loss, 12-14 (capped).

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Yeah. And it was cold, too. Brrr.