Friday, May 04, 2012

Ultimate Disc Test

Probably the most important decision impacting all Ultimate players everywhere...

USA Ultimate announced in March the current status of discs submitted to the national governing body for approval in various levels of play.

Following testing protocol established by the USA Ultimate Disc Standards Committee and applied by the USA Ultimate Flight Test Pool, the Discraft Ultrastar (Westland Mold, Hot Stamp) has received approval for championship play, including USA Ultimate championship events and all related qualifying tournaments. The Daredevil 175g Gamedisc (Hot Stamp), Discraft Ultrastar (Westland Mold, Supercolor Center), and Discraft Ultrastar (Web Mold, Hot Stamp) have all received general approval for recreational, league and NON-championship competitions. Approval at the championship level for the Innova Pulsar is currently pending. Once approved by USA Ultimate, approval is valid for three years.

Hopefully once testing is completed, a USA Ultimate disc will finally be offered for sale.

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