Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Gift

Between an iPhone protective case ($180) & a HTC Android phone ($200), the flying disc for Ultimate appears in the top 3 of a best gift list. 

From "The Best Gifts for Dads & Grads" [TECHLUST Men's Health]#3: Discraft UltraStar 175g

Flimsy dollar-store discs aren't going to go the distance. The pros (and yes, there are pros) use the Discraft UltraStar 175g, and you should too. Master a few basic throws and this piece of plastic will be the perfect portable entertainment option for camping, road trips, or beach vacations. In a pinch, it can even help tote booze: Any Ultimate Frisbee player worth his salt can tell you a Discraft UltraStar holds just over four cans of beer. ($10,

[h/t discraft]

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