Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Ultimate Fields on One Field

Good news: Your Ultimate game is scheduled on a turf field. Bad news: There's another Ulti game scheduled at the same time. 

If you must share the area on a football turf field, you definitely lose some field width since 2 fields that are supposed to 40 yards wide can't fit in the 53-1/3 yard space. If you reduce all dimensions one-third, then you will end up with a beach Ultimate field. Length-wise dimensions are just like the AUDL field.

Here's suggested sizing for 2 Ultimate fields on 1 turf field:
One Ulti field's dimensions when sharing space
Width = 26.65 yards [-33% of regulation size]
Endzone = 20 yards [-20% of reg size]
Field = 80 yards [+14% of reg size]
There is a shared sideline.

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