Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultimate Yards

Setting up an Ultimate field is so much easier when on a lined football field.  On a grass field, the task is harder & the field usually ends up short + narrow. Why? How? Find your inner pace & setup a right-sized field by avoiding this common calculation misstep.

Field Dimensions:
70-yard field + (2) 25-yard end zones x 40-yard wide

On average, every 6th measured pace loses 1 yard.
Your first stride [from one heel to the other foot's toe] = 1 yard (3 feet)
Your next strides [from toe to the other foot's toe] measures less than 1 yard (2.5 feet)
So, you have one stride of 3 feet (1 yard) + sixty-nine strides of 2.5 feet (57 yards) = 58 total yards
See visual below of 1st and 2nd measured steps.

1st step = 1 yard; 2nd step is < 1 yard
Advice when pacing off yards for an Ultimate field:
  • Learn the exact length of your stride
  • If fairly tall, learn to pace an exact yard, heel to heel
  • One yard = 3 feet
  • On average, compensate for lost yardage / missteps.  Pace out*:
    • 80 total strides for the main playing field
    • 29 total strides for the end zones
    • 46 total strides for the width
  • *Used a 2.5 foot average stride for computations
New Practical Field Dimensions:
80-stride field + (2) 29-stide end zones x 46-stride width

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