Friday, June 08, 2012

Windy Decision

Air turbulence (wind) is known to affect where a disc lands.  Wind may also be the deciding factor for future locations of USA Ultimate's college championships.

Per 2012 College Championships: Rapid Reactions [SKYD magazine]
"...none of that matters during the rounds when the winds are consistently 15+ MPH and gust to over 30. Last year's open final, the second half of this year's pre-quarters, and this year's women's semi between Michigan and Oregon were incredibly frustrating to watch. It's also disappointing that teams that practice for 100s of hours and commit most of their free time and money to this sport have their season determined by application of a much smaller set of skills than they practice and a healthy dose of luck. To be clear, I'm not saying that the teams that won those games don't deserve it. They played better and smarter given the conditions and deserved the victory. But I don't think it's how we want to determine champions in our sport or showcase. General consensus is that we can’t host in Boulder again for that reason alone despite how great the rest of the event is. Will Deaver stated that it will not be in Boulder again."

If needing guidance on where to host, consider consulting this flowing map of the US...
Wind Map

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BenjamminSpears said...

Atlanta it is!!