Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Drop Rule

At this past weekend's tournament, this rule was called "obscure" and scoffed at its enforcement. The 'drop' rule application is all about timing. When does it occur - after the pull (VIII.B.9) or  during a point (XIII.B)? 

My recommendation: Don't drop the disc! Ever.

SCENARIO: With disc in-hand, en route to the field spot to put it in play & the thrower drops the disc...
When: After the pull. RESULT: Turnover
When: During the point, BUT before an established pivot AND in-bounds disc. RESULT = Not a Turnover

From the 11th Edition [USAU Rules]:

VIII. Starting and Restarting Play
B. Pull
9. After a pull, whichever player takes possession of the disc must put it into play. If a player drops the disc while carrying it to the spot where it is to be put into play and it contacts the ground before the thrower regains possession, the other team gains possession of the disc at the spot on the playing field proper nearest to the drop.

XII. Turnovers
B. If the thrower accidentally drops a live disc {II.R.2. A disc is live when players are allowed to move and the disc is subject to a turnover, but the thrower cannot make a legal pass (e.g., walking the disc to the spot where it is to be put into play). For a live disc to be put into play, the thrower must establish a pivot at the appropriate spot on the field, touch the disc to the ground, and put the disc into play.} or a disc in play {A disc is in play when play may proceed without the defense's acknowledgment. An in-bounds disc on the playing field is in play. The disc is subject to a turnover. To put the disc into play at a particular spot on the field means to establish a pivot at that spot.} without defensive interference and it contacts the ground before the thrower regains possession, it is considered an incomplete pass.

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Anonymous said...

You are quoting the correct rules, but you applied them completely wrong in the second case.

Both situations are turnovers.

Unless there is a stoppage (foul, etc) then when you are walking the disc to a spot, it is a LIVE disc, which is SUBJECT TO TURNOVER. It doesn't matter if the disc is IN PLAY or not. If you are holding a LIVE disc and you drop it, it's a turn.