Monday, August 20, 2012

Ultimate Ninja

This game requires less equipment to play than Ultimate. You have probably seen this game on the sidelines at Ulti tournaments...Ultimate Ninja.

Ultimate Ninja (or Freeze Ninja) is a fun game for 2 to around 8 players. No supplies are needed other than your hands.

TO BEGIN: Players stand in a circle and decide who they wish to begin the game. The starter will then have everyone in a bowing position facing the center and will state "Uuulllllltimate NINJA!!" At this point, all players will jump away from the center and take a stance.

GOAL OF THE GAME: To slap a hand of your opponent. If a player's hand is slapped, they must leave the circle and the game.

RULES: You may only take ONE fluid motion to slap your opponent's hand, and if someone is attempting to strike you, you may take ONE fluid motion to move your hands or body out of the way, and you must retain that position until it is your turn to block or attack. The last person left in the circle is the winner & is the next game's winner.

The first strike should begin with the starter and continue from there in a clockwise order. You may attack anyone in the circle and even jump to make a strike.

PENALTIES: If you move your body or hands out of turn, flinch, or move your body in a more sophisticated way than one fluid motion in one direction, you must stand up straight and place your hands out in front of you, palms face down as a penalty. You may evade the attack that may be aimed at you.

[Source: UrbanDict + KeithRampage]

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