Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summertime Sludge

"What did you do this summer?" can be best answered with pictures...

The nighttime Ultimate tournament in July - MidSummer's Night Fling - was a success. Team 3 consisted of three Sludge players - MattHew, MicHael & RacHel. The charity tournament also pulled in $1000 for the construction of a children's playground in Budrus.

After winning 3 games & weathering a storm, Team 3 advanced to the championship game. The finals was a close game with Team 3 down 7-4 at halftime, and then came back to win 13-11 over Slipped Discs. Tied at 11's, the final points (female-to-female pass-score was scored as 2 points) looked something like this...

Rachel tipped a high throw & caught the disc on a controlled fall.
Sludge-infused Team 3--Queens & Kings of The Fling.

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